Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Direct Primary Care is coming to Idaho!

You pay a monthly membership fee of $20 to $80 depending on age to a DPC doctor's office.

You use the doctor's office as much as is needed at no additional cost!

Instead of paying co-pays and full payment for uncovered services as part of your deductible, you simply pay your monthly fee.

You still will need insurance to limit your cost of hospitalization and specialists; expenses that are difficult to budget.

Since DPC patients visit the doctor as much as necessary at no additional cost, they are healthier and that results in less use of hospitals and specialists.

Direct Primary Care is great for doctors as well. They do not submit claims to insurance companies. They are able to spend their time taking care of folks--exactly what they trained to do--instead of filling out insurance paperwork, negotiating payment terms, dealing with uncertainty of monthly income.

Eliminating the cost of dealing with insurance companies saves as much as 40% that they pass to you.

Insurance company costs decrease as well; they do not have to process claims for each and ever doctor visit. Imagine the cost of car insurance if you had to submitted a claim for every oil change!

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